Flash tape is double sided clothing  tapeZoom

Flash tape is double sided clothing tape

Item# T2
Flash tape is double sided tape specially designed to adhere to your skin and fabric. The flash tape is great for plunging necklines, open sided dresses, wrap style dresses, tube tops and halters, cuffs,scarfs socks, straps that won't stay up, bra straps and many more uses. Now "wrap skirts" stay wrapped, "straps" stay hidden, "blouse gaps" lie flat and "plunging necklines" stay exactly as you want them.

Great for everyday use... real lifesaver on wedding days... prom nights... or on any other special occasion.

Just "peel and stick"... and you're ready to go!

The uses for this product are endless. This tape is widely used by celebrities and once you try it you'll wonder how you lived without it! This tape is made with a stickier more pliable material than traditional double sided tape and is specially designed to mold more naturally to your skin
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